Q: Do you sell “scrap metal”?

A: No we do not. We do sell a variety of different types of metals in
    small quantities. Any materials we can not use for a project or  
    resale we recycle. We do not offer discounted “scraps” or “drops”.

Q: Can you weld Aluminum and/or Stainless Steel?

A: Yes! We regularly use both tig and mig welding processes on both
    of these materials.

Q: Do you ship items to customers?

A: Yes, we do package and ship items – contact us for rates and

Q: What are some projects and services that you do not offer?

A: This is a partial list of products and services we do not usually

  • Weld repairs to cracked aluminum alloy rims
  • Fabrication of fuel tanks
  • Residential stainless steel kitchen countertops
  • Delivery of finished items
  • Engineering or advice on the strength of structural elements
  • Repairs to lawn furniture

Q: I saw something I liked in a store or catalog and it seemed too
    expensive. Can’t you make it for less money?

A: We are happy to quote pricing on any project, however the
    custom fabrication of one item will almost always be more
    expensive than buying a similar item that is mass produced.

Q: Can you repair a broken piece of cast steel or aluminum?

A: It can be difficult to try to weld cast metal pieces back together.   
    Typically the metal used to make these type of items is actually a
    mixture of low grade materials that are melted together and then
    poured into a mold to set. When a welding arc is used to fuse
    these materials back together they frequently will not bond
    properly and will tend to “spit” or “pop” as trash and debris in
    the pores of the material come into contact with one another.
    Sometimes we are able to “stick back together” these types of
    items but they will never return to having the same strength as
    before they cracked or broke. We are happy to look at something
    and give you an opinion on a case by case basis.

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